The AIYU INSTITUTE is founded on the principles of loving oneness, sacred sexuality and honoring the earth and her resources.

Loving Oneness refers to the ideals of living in harmony, with abundance and joy, having our needs met and living our heart’s desire.

Sacred sexuality involves honoring the bodies’ needs and its inherent wisdom, experiencing a comfortable and safe container within to house sensuality and sexuality, enjoying a heart-centered connection with loved ones based upon trust, honesty and agreement.

Living sustainably, practicing earth-honoring ways of food cultivation, sharing resources and practicing sacred ceremony are ways in which we can honor the earth and the balance of the divine feminine & masculine principles.

We offer:

*Presentations on AIYU Wisdom Teachings

*Classes on shamanism, medicine journey retreats and retreats to sacred sites

*Esoteric Bodywork and Energy Medicine Classes

*Dolphin Heart Shamanic Healing and

*Esoteric Bodywork

The AIYU Wisdom Teachings are presented by founder-director Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin and guest artistes in the form of interactive theater in which chants, music, dance, humor and social activism are blended into entertaining performance pieces.

The Wisdom Teachings have a profound impact covering facets of daily life, providing unusual perspectives that are healing, life-affirming and transformative. Presentation themes can be tailored to suit your event. Book a presentation for your seminar, conference or corporate event.


Course material designed and developed by The AIYU Institute.


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