AIYU Project

AIYU is a pronoun which refers to the I in you and the you in me and that both you and I are part of the All That Is and it is the All That Is that is the Oneness that we share. AIYU refers to the mirrors of the soul, in that I see myself in you for I am You, and You see yourself in Me, for You are Me. What I give to you and do to you, I do to myself. Every kindness I extend to you, every loving word that I say to you, I say to myself. It represents an exalted state of being in this world that is much needed at the moment to bring a harmonious state of peace and Oneness to the world. In this Oneness, lies the common thread of divinity that is embodied in every single being, every single aspect or facet of creation.

AIYU is a state of being in which individuals come to and operate fully from their higher selves. It represents what is called being ‘God-realized’. It can exist just as a state of bliss in a single being or as an interaction between two or more beings that embody what AIYU represents. It is primarily a heart and soul connection, a state of mind that permeates through the seven subtle bodies and encompasses a very high state of evolution on the part of the individuals who choose to embrace the AIYU concept.

AIYU embraces the qualities of love, peace, joy, equality, freedom, trust, faith, compassion, acceptance and cooperation. There are only two states that humans reside in, love or fear. When we reside in love, all that fills our lives is that which is beautiful and Godly. When we move out of that space, we move into fear, which is a state characterized by hate, anger, greed, malice, avarice, cowardice, mistrust, judgment and unhappiness.

It is a matter of choice, at any given moment of how we wish to feel given our circumstances and the experiences that we are facing at any point in our lives. Whatever we do, the choice once again is between two states, love and fear. What do we wish to create more of in our lives? Have we not had enough of fear and all that goes with it? Those are the characteristics that have marked epochs in our history that are simply quite forgettable.

It is time for the Earth to move into a state of grace, a state of pure love, a state of AIYU.

In the book, Power vs. Force, Dr David Hawkins presents a ‘Map Of Consciousness’ in which he calibrates human behavior patterns on a scale of 0 – 1000. At the lower levels are the human qualities of Shame (20), Guilt(30), Fear (100), Anger (50). We move into the higher levels with Courage(200), Acceptance(350), Love(500), Peace(600) and Enlightenment (700-1000). By the 500 level, the happiness of others emerges as an essential motivating force. The high 500s are characterized by interest in spiritual awareness for both oneself and others, and by the 600s, the good of mankind and the search for enlightenment are the primary goals. From 700-1000, life is dedicated to the salvation of all humanity.

From Dr Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, we can conclude that AIYU is a concept that will appeal primarily to those who are motivated by love, peace and service to humanity. Those who choose to live their lives in fear and mistrust will find it difficult to embrace the concepts and principle of AIYU. Do not be too surprised if some people around you are unwilling to adopt AIYU principles. They may not be ready for such a revolutionary idea in their lives because it goes against the principles of competition, one-upmanship, greed, survival of the fittest- principles which have been in place for far too long a time.

However, there is always a moment in time when so-called new-fangled ideas take root and fly. It is simply the right time, or as the angels would have it, Divine Timing.

We feel that it is imperative for the survival of Mother Earth and the human species, that concepts such as AIYU are embraced. We have survived long enough in competition, with ideas and beliefs founded on lack and fear. It is time to change those beliefs and instead adopt systems of thought that are empowering and loving, founded upon ideals of abundance and unlimited resources for everyone. There is enough in the Universe for everyone. If one brother goes hungry, then we all hunger, for remember that I am you, and you are me.

The Missing Vowels in AIYU

Remember when you were taught vowels in school? AEIOU. Well, there are two vowels missing conspicuously from AIYU. They are “E” and “O”. Why they are missing is interesting, indeed.

The ‘E’

The ‘E’ stands for ego which is absent from the Oneness of All That Is, so there is no separation, no comparison, no one-upmanship, no hierarchical leadership dominance in organizations which are founded on the precepts of AIYU. Ego is also about separation, about considering yourself somehow different and apart from the rest. Individuality is respected and honored, in that we all have unique gifts that are made up of our delightful quirks that make us essentially ‘us’. However when that individuality seeks out differences based upon a sense of competition, one-upmanship and strife, then, it will cause eventually deep unhappiness from the sense of separation. These are feelings that stem from various fears and insecurity. They have their root cause in a lack of self-love.

By honoring and nurturing yourself, you develop healthy views about yourself, cultivating high self esteem. You begin to respect the inherent differences within yourself that make you essentially unique. You realize that All That Is(ATI) has created quite a fabulous design when ATI made you!! When you fully realize this, you are ready to share your gifts with the rest of humanity. We are always told to love others, to have compassion for others. This can only happen effectively when we start loving and honoring ourselves first and foremost.

Our core foundation-building process is faulty if we begin by loving others without the essential self love that provides the first building blocks of the pile. There will eventually come a point when the pile becomes too heavy and crumbles, bringing us back to the start of the pile once more.

The ‘O’

The ‘O’ stands for ‘I Owe You’, which is said when you feel indebted to someone, when the giving and receiving is not in balance. This is a concept that is entrenched in the old paradigm ideas of one having more and the other having less.

In the state of AIYU, two or more individuals come together to share and pool together resources, be it money, housing, talent or labor. In the coming together, there is a clear understanding, verbal or written, that the principles of AIYU are implemented. There is an unspoken valuing of the gifts shared for as I give to you, I give to myself. Therefore I am blessed by the giving for I give to myself. In similar vein, when I receive, I receive from myself. The giving is as blessed as the receiving, for both have to be in balance. Many are simply givers, and there are others who are takers. Both energies are that of imbalance and there is no ‘flow’ in an unbalanced process. Ultimately, there will come a point where the imbalance has to be addressed. Such an imbalance may make itself felt either as discomfort or painful sensations in the arms and/or legs.

AIYU As A Greeting

AIYU is also a greeting. It is exchanged upon meeting and upon taking leave. It refers to the Oneness that we share that permeates every moment of our daily lives. It is also exchanged upon giving and/or receiving a gift of love to signify the absence of indebtedness in any way, for in giving to you, I give to myself and therefore both are blessed. It is also a symbolic greeting of unconditional love.

AIYU is also a tonal frequency which embodies and intertwines sound and light waves with sacred geometrical symbols. It can be used for these purposes:

  1. Toning and healing
  2. To calm, centre and ground
  3. To straighten auric thread structures which are out of alignment
  4. To clear and bring into balance negative energies of all forms
  5. Used as a group harmonic to strengthen the bond within the group
  6. To increase the light quotient of individuals within the group
  7. To increase passion, motivation and serve as a source of inspiration
  8. To remove apathy, distress and depression
  9. To balance the left and right brain
  10. To help with anxiety and other neuroses

May all beings encompass the beauty and harmony of AIYU for the uplifting of humanity. May peace prevail on Earth.



AIYU …… I am you & you are me….
We are one in the ALL That Is.

Bringing the vision of Heaven Upon Earth
Letting no one go hungry
Letting no one go without
For even if ONE goes hungry
ALL go hungry…..

Bringing the vision of Love & Harmony
Of ALL living in trust & unity
Feeling the Oneness permeate
Through the living cellular memory

By Veenaa Saynana,
Founder of AIYU – Loving Oneness
© Divine Copyright.

AIYU Project

AIYU Retreat Center

The AIYU Retreat Center is based on a vision that Veenaa Saynana, founder/director of the AIYU Institute, has had since 2002.  It is a residential community, which accepts
the mentally ill in a specialized program called the AIYU Wellness Program™. The
AIYU Retreat Center serves as a franchise model for other centers all over the
world to follow. It implements a breakthrough program based on a well-researched
holistic health and wellness model. The key principles involve natural, organic
therapies, sustainable practices and community living in a stable, loving and
nurturing environment.

Highlights of the AIYU Wellness Program™:

*Immersion in Complete Wellness Package- Natural and
Alternative Therapies

*Grounding Breath Therapy – Techniques of harnessing vital
healing energy from mother Earth

*Organic Food Therapy — growing, harvesting and preparing
organic meals

*Crystal Therapy- Cottage industries involving jewelry
making, with specialized crystals

*Somatic Programs- including yoga, ecstatic dance, movement
therapy, and more

*Music Therapy- includes music meditation, somatic vocal
therapy and more

*Meditation & Spiritual Seminars- Taught by visiting
facilitators, and spiritual teachers.

*Powered by natural sources such as solar, wind and water
instead of electricity.


The AIYU Retreat Center is a residential community, with
dorm like communal housing, as well as private cottages, which house the
resident facilitators & staff.

It has a huge organic garden, tended to by both staff and
patients.  There is a huge event Center,
with a hardwood floor, state of the art sound system, beautiful art murals and
sacred mandalas on the walls.

Funding is through:

*Monthly Care Plans for residential patients enrolled in the
AIYU Wellness Program™ – includes room and board, full treatment of the AIYU Wellness
Program™ and attendance at Spiritual Seminars.

*Rental of the Event Center for seminars open to the public
and the residents.

*Cottage industries involving jewelry making, the sale of
creative art, surplus organic food, etc.

*Donations & Grants

Why The AIYU Retreat Center needs to be set up:

*A major system overhaul needs to occur in the treatment of
the mentally ill; practices involving allopathic treatment, electro-shock
treatment, restraining models need to be replaced by more humane, viable
methods & practices.

*As the earth changes & shifts, there will be a growing
need for self-sustainable residential retreat centers and care for the mentally

*To provide the set-up necessary for the whole concept of ‘mental
illness’ to be redefined and reassessed.

*To provide a platform for artistic and cultural endeavors
from individuals whose talents and contributions might otherwise never get

The AIYU institute is looking for business partners and
investors to fund and manage the AIYU Retreat Centers.

Please contact Veenaa Saynana at or call 510
213 3721.

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