The Seven Faces of Intention

Thurs Dec 27th 2012
Hamara Ghar
Private Residence in Oakland, CA 94608
Suggested Donation $20-25

We are gathering in a conscious circle of co-creation, to align ourselves vibrationally with our highest dreams, our soul purpose.
Participants will be led in a discussion on the Seven Faces of Intention, to prepare ourselves for 2013.
There will also be a Sound Healing to help participants shift into a higher vibration, one that is attuned to Source energy.Participants will also be led in tuning in to guardian angels and getting a clear sense of direction for their path forward.
This event will be led satsang style and is facilitated by Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin.

Gates will be open from 7.15pm and will close at 7.45pm. Please turn left at the gate and serenely navigate the open air garden maze path to the last door, following the flower scents of Hamara Ghar which means “Our House” in Hindi. Please tell your friends about this event. All are lovingly welcome.

More About Facilitator:
Veenaa is an international speaker, author, healer and performer. She has led groups in three continents, facilitating spiritual workshops and healing sessions.
She also leads writing workshops, and is starting a memoir writing workshop retreat series in mid Jan 2013.
She is available online or in person, for psychic readings and shamanic healing sessions globally.

New Moon Manifestation Meditation
We will be gathering on Thursday 12/13/12 for a New Moon Manifestation Meditation. Come join us in ceremony to visualize and co-create our dreams and visions for heaven on earth. Participants will be guided in the mantras and mudras of creative manifestation. This event will be led satsang style and will be hosted by Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin, creative director of The AIYU Institute.
Thursday is the first day of the new year in the Mayan Calendar, the Waqxaqi (8) Batz (Weaver), which just happens to fall on 12/12/12, which just happens to be 9 days before the Oxlajuj (13) Baktun (144,000 day cycle) on 12/21/12 – a point marking the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.
It is a good time to let go of all that wants to transform, to give gratitude for all that has been and make a prayer for what wants to come forth, letting go of all past concepts, preferences and perspectives, and allowing in the freshness of each moment. May all our words and actions be in gentleness and Love. May we live together in an era of harmony, beauty and peace.
In Lakesh (We are all one)
Please bring a back jack or a chair for your seating comfort.
Payment by Donation.
When: 8-10pm, Thursday 12/13/12
Where: Private Residence in Oakland, CA 94608. Ample street parking is available.
The gate will be open from 7.30-8.15pm, so please be on time.
Please let your friends know about this opportunity to co-create.
Volunteers are needed for this event.
If you have any questions, please call Veenaa at 510 213 3721.

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