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A free 30 minute Intuitive Coaching Session over the phone with Veenaa Saynana

During this session you will receive an intuitive reading of your body’s energy field, of vitality status and invaluable information on how you currently manage your energy field and how you can make changes to better utilize your energy.

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Psychic Reading

Individual Healing Sessions
Offered on Skype or by Phone Internationally
Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin helps in empowering others to live more fulfilling and abundant lives by following their authentic passion.

She synthesizes her expertise in healing and her spiritual initiations to provide you with a deep transformative metamorphosis, quite an unforgettable experience.
3 1 hr sessions $350-$500 Sliding Scale
5 1 hr sessions $550-750 Sliding Scale
10 1 hr sessions $1000- $1400 Sliding Scale

Dances of Shakti Sessions include a short phone consultation, a specially selected music playlist to which a dance and shamanic session is facilitated. It is a 2 hr session at a Berkeley dance studio. It engages the participant to deeply connect with long repressed emotions and memories held on a cellular level and to release them safely through shamanic facilitation. I provide an express invitation and a safe container to vocally emote through movement and sound in a soundproof dance studio.

Rates: 2 hr session $180-230 Sliding Scale

Relationship Coaching Sessions

Relationship Coaching Sessions combine shamanic healing and AIYU-Loving Oneness* Coaching to enable each individual to be free of blockages, karmic miasmic patterning, childhood traumas and so on which prevent one from truly being able to engage lovingly and simply replaying old patterns of engagement. I coach clients individually and as a couple, providing deep intuitive insights from the wellspring of the AIYU Wisdom Teachings*. My clients receive invaluable help to live fuller lives, perceiving the world through transformed perspectives which they carry into their enriched relationships. Each time a couple heals a deep issue, it impacts the world in a positive way and creates space for other couples to make headway in their relationships.
3 1 hr sessions $350-$500 Sliding Scale
5 1 hr sessions $550-750 Sliding Scale
10 1 hr sessions $1000- $1400 Sliding Scale
(Installment Plan are available)

I draw upon my own experiences of 2 successful marriages and my primary method of learning through my relationships, raising 3 children and mothering countless others. My clients repeatedly comment on my warm, caring nature and the calming effect that I have on all those around me. I regard my work as sacred service and love every minute of it.

My clients step out of their sessions looking and feeling years younger and lighter! Some report great shifts in the way they feel and their perspective on relationships. One client even reported a huge shift in that he did not experience suicidal tendencies after his session.

I offer phone or Skype sessions. I also offer sessions out of a healing studio that I use in Oakland. The Dances of Shakti are offered at Springfall Studio at 2525, Eighth St, Berkeley.


Veenaa has led me through 2 of the most powerful Shamanic journeys, the first was a 2-hour dance 12 hours before I left SF for my 30 day water fast in Costa Rica where she helped me clear and understand past wounds, connect deeply to my higher self and heart, and she anointed me as a Priestess calling in the Goddesses. I went from being in a wounded place to feeling strong and heart-centered.

I am now in Atlanta and I recently connected Veenaa for a remote healing journey. I was feeling drained, hurt and confused from an intense new relationship. As soon as I laid down and she began the drumming, I felt a very strong energy through my body and went deep. Veenaa’s music, energy and channeling cleared away old ego ways of relating and abuse and a blessing was given for me and all women. Initiations and transmissions were given through her amazing Dolphin laughing and our tribes worked together for a powerful nurturing experience. The next day I cried hard and felt a huge cathartic release from old pain in my heart. I now feel more compassion and am able to love more unconditionally.
Elicia Marie Woodford, world-known expert on detoxification, July 2012

Veenaa holds a safe and deep space to surrender. Surrendering is not something that comes easily for me and even if I would like to, I may not know how to. These healing sessions have been profoundly restorative to my nervous system. Veenaa has also helped me access places in my body and unconscious and release locked energy and beliefs. I am grateful for these journeys which are very powerful and integrating.


Marina Li, NC, HHC

Certified Nutritional Consultant & Holistic Health Coach, Biodanza Facilitator


Laughing Dolphin is an open-hearted, amazing healer with a gift for sound work I’ve rarely heard. I felt deeply held in loving, positive regard throughout each session. After each healing from her, my creativity was off the charts, as though some block I didn’t even realize was there had been removed!

I encourage you to contact her and experience her abilities for yourself.


–Selene Steese, CA Nov ’10

Writer/Editor/Word Shaman/Priestess/Shamanic Soul Worker

My Dances of Shakti session with Veenaa was indescribable. I went on quite an emotional journey, having experiences of deep cellular and emotional release. I tapped into suppressed emotions that I could never have fathomed even existed within my body. After such an embodied and mystical experience, I can no longer doubt the presence of the Divine working in my life.

– Piya Banerjee, CA, social activist and lover of life


I met Veenaa at a training program, and I knew I wanted to work with her because I could immediately tell how present and aware she was.  When I spoke with her during the call before my session, I was increasingly impressed–every issue I brought up seemed to make sense to her and be something she was familiar with.  The conversation flowed and flowed–the way it does when I’m talking to someone who is very intuitively tuned-in.  During my session with her, she guided me through a journey that words cannot easily capture.  She homed in on my fears and desires and reflected back aspects of my character.  It felt wonderfully satisfied to be seen and heard in that way.  Near the end of the session, as she brought me back to reality, I felt something snap into place and tingle–Veenaa told me I had experienced a piece of my soul returning to my body.  Choosing to work with Veenaa meant choosing someone to see me as I was, accept me, and guide me compassionately and effectively on a growthful journey.  I would highly recommend her services as a shaman.

Divia Melwani, CA

It is clear to me that Veenaa has a lot of power and connection with guides and spirits.  She took me on a deep and beautiful journey that felt authentic and transformational.  I believe that she cleared a lot of past life energy that was holding me back.  I feel the clearing was essential to my continuing path.  Thank you, Veenaa!

Effie Dobbertin, CA

“I have worked with quite a wide range of therapists, counselors, energy workers and healers over the course of thirty years in New York City, New Mexico and California. I have found the work of Veenaa Laughing Dolphin, from our introductory consultation through the first three sessions of a five session counselling program, to be some of the most effective, insightful and beneficial of any work I have ever done. She incorporates deeply intuitive techniques with shamanic healing sessions that get at the root of the issues being worked on, along with practical steps to follow to assist in this transformation.”

Harlan Emil Gruber, CA March ’11

Artist, Sacred Geometry Specialist


I’m so grateful for my session with Veenaa. It feels like I will make significant changes in my life because I am now more able to walk on my own strong 2 feet both physically and metaphorically. I feel more grounded and nourished from the session, I am more of who I really am. I experienced Veenaa as a wise, compassionate knowledgeable guide who creates a place of rest and safety.

Towards the end of the session I felt a gold ball of light enter the back of my head. This was a great surprise to me. It seemed to fill my whole head including my mouth. It then melted and spread throughout my shoulders and then down my spine and around the rest of my body in a big surge of energy It was pretty amazing, I had never experienced anything like this before.

Anna C. Yang, CA, Holistic Nurse & Flower Essence Practitioner








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