AIYU Loving Oneness Coaching

If you have been traumatized, you will experience various symptoms such as anxiety, numbness, pain, emotional paralysis, fear, exhaustion, incessant worrying, negativity and more. You may find yourself stuck in repeated thought patterns, facing obstacles that are preventing you from really living the life of your dreams. You may find yourself working at a job that you don’t love because of the deep fear that you hold due to your experience of trauma. You may experience difficulty in finding or maintaining a fulfilling relationship because of the negative patterning that trauma results in.
Veenaa Saynana works with individuals who are holding the energy of trauma in their bodies, helping them overcome its insidious effects and living fuller, richer lives free of their symptoms of trauma.
Veenaa offers a very specialized coaching service based on the concepts of AIYU Loving Oneness which she personally developed to serve your needs. Her motherly energy and deep compassion hold space in her sessions as she brings her extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of energy therapy, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Shamanic healing and more into synthesis.
Questions you might want to ask yourself to determine if this service is the right one for you:
1) Am I experiencing untold anxiety, negative thinking and looking at life with despondency?
2) Am I experiencing physical symptoms that interfere with living a full, rich and meaningful life?
3) Am I losing valuable time, money and energy being exhausted, negative and unproductive (or not as productive as I would like to be)? Can I place a monetary value on the wastage I am experiencing?
4) Am I ready to make a powerful shift into living more meaningfully?
5) Weighing the costs of living life as you have been and what it might cost you to take the step towards living life very differently, are you ready to move forward because ultimately you love yourself and want to gift yourself a more fulfilling, joyous and productive life?
If you are ready to put an end to the constant suffering that you have been going through and experience life in a completely different way, then Veenaa’s AIYU Loving Oneness Coaching may be right for you.


I’m so grateful for my session with Veenaa.
It feels like I will make significant changes in my life
because I am now more able to walk on my own strong 2 feet
both physically and metaphorically. I feel more grounded
and nourished from the session, I am more of who I
really am. I experienced Veenaa as a wise, compassionate
knowledgeable guide who creates a place of
rest and safety.

Towards the end of the session I felt a gold ball of light
enter the back of my head. This was a great surprise to
me. It seemed to fill my whole head including my
mouth. It then melted and spread throughout my
shoulders and then down my spine and around
the rest of my body in a big surge of energy
It was pretty amazing, I had never experienced anything
like this before.

Anna C. Yang, Holistic Nurse & Flower Essence Practitioner

Veena is an amazing healer, intuitive and channel for the divine feminine. Her connection to spirit is clear and she communicates with compassion and love. She has given me accurate counsel for spiritual as well as physical conditions. I love her meditation CD also. I am honored to call her a Quan Yin sister and my friend. Veena is a healer’s healer.
Debbie Dehm, Maui, HI

Veenaa holds a safe and deep space to surrender. Surrendering is not something that comes easily for me and even if I would like to, I may not know how to. These healing sessions have been profoundly restorative to my nervous system. Veenaa has also helped me access places in my body and unconscious and release locked energy and beliefs. I am grateful for these journeys which are very powerful and integrating.

Marina Li, NC, HHC
Certified Nutritional Consultant & Holistic Health Coach, Biodanza Facilitator

Laughing Dolphin had a very strong intuitive sense of where my blockages were and honed in on those areas. I could feel the energy moving through my body. I was impressed with her level of expertise, her touch and her ability to hold space.

She holds so much love for others. People in need are drawn to her magnetically. She has an innate gift for knowing what they need in that moment. She is appropriately named Laughing Dolphin because she combines joy and playfulness with the sensuality of a dolphin moving through water.  Her laughter is incredibly infectious and fills a room up with joy. It is a gift to meet her and to work with her in such a profound and deep manner.

William D, CA, July ‘10

“I have worked with quite a wide range of therapists, counselors, energy workers and healers over the course of thirty years in New York City, New Mexico and California. I have found the work of Veenaa Laughing Dolphin, from our introductory consultation through the first three sessions of a five session counselling program, to be some of the most effective, insightful and beneficial of any work I have ever done. She incorporates deeply intuitive techniques with shamanic healing sessions that get at the root of the issues being worked on, along with practical steps to follow to assist in this transformation.”
Harlan Emil Gruber,CA March ’11
Artist, Sacred Geometry Specialist.

Laughing Dolphin is an open-hearted, amazing healer with a gift for sound work I’ve rarely heard. I felt deeply held in loving, positive regard throughout each session. After each healing from her, my creativity was off the charts, as though some block I didn’t even realize was there had been removed!
I encourage you to contact her and experience her abilities for yourself.

–Selene Steese, CA Nov ’10
Writer/Editor/Word Shaman/Priestess/Shamanic Soul Worker

The light language, singing and sound healing is truly amazing! Tingles, shivers, focused vibrations, weaving between various energy bodies, and much more. At one point this time, I felt that a light being laid down inside my body and it filled me!

I feel more at peace, at home, and in touch with my true nature now. Thank you so much for your work, for who you are, and for the light that you bring to this planet!

I love you Veenaa!

Allison, Colorado, USA (Oct 2006)

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